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    More paper! More cardboard! More sustainable! design of interior for HP printing store in Sofia, BG, using recycled paper boxes, cardboard tubes… Read More
    More paper! More cardboard! More sustainable! design of interior for HP printing store in Sofia, BG, using recycled paper boxes, cardboard tubes and re-board planes in old, abbondoned factory The printing industry takes a huge part of any economic system. We see it’s appearance everywhere in biggest cities . With that enourmous amount of productivity always exist big waste and I came up with an idea to integrate otherwise usseless materials as main elements in interior space and connect them with a company that use it, produce components for it, in it’s daily practice. The whole idea behind this store was to show, that we do not need to use vast manufacturing, materials and resource to make a public showroom that works and still retains an interesting design. The store designed itself by allowing the materials to surprise with their use in the interior and just thinking about their uses in form and function. The whole store can be changed around with not much cost, by re-arrange the paper boxes walls in a different position, by moving the cardboard separating shelves around and by placing the lights, furniture and music system at fun occasions, all with amusement and diversion. paper box-walls it is constructed from cardboard boxes that were headed for recycling, which have been painted and arranged to look like 3D pixels in the form in this case of a separative or decorative wall. The cardboard shelves were designed to face both exposition and separation functions and to meet the eco recycling process. As use recycled materials in paper bar and dine chairs designs, I am attracted to these reusable material because of the numerous ways it can be treated, manipulated and assembled. This collections are minimal, light, durable and sustainable. Made from re-board sides connected with cardboard tubes. Central composition of cardboard benches is simple and has a touch of humour. While looking it we recently discovered that acctualy is wi-fi spot, but the transmiter look like a lamp. It’s designed for public spaces with wireless internet access. the spot reminded us of the city benches and a small cubicle table perfectly sized for a laptop are situated near by. I have designed a concept store promoting the HP printing technology, fun, stylish and accessible to all. The store has been designed to work in any number of major cities, and showcases the history of the original brand through to the new one by various display areas, showing the products background, social relevance and applicability. This is not just a gallery where customers can observe and examine but also a sales point where people can aid in the final design and purchase their chosen products. There are four main areas in the store: The welcome area which will encourage people to come in and join the fun, incorporating customer seating and merchandise display areas. A display area, which includes an area, dedicated to the new invention of HP, where customers can learn more about the essence of latest inks and printers and make a purchase. The media lab where you will be encouraged to take an active role in designing your print materials, taking inspiration from the history wall and viewing a digital countdown of the brand The unique element of this concept is it´s separation to storage area ready also to provide print samples for any customer needs. In one of two storage units are situated a small restroom , it is felt that storage should be addressed as a separate design problem. Overall the space is now a more interesting, and certainly more inspiring place for the customers to spend time and all with out costing the earth, this concept store will be an impressive addition to any big city landscape. . Read Less