Project Örkeny
Project Örkény was the last task during my university years at MOME. István Örkény was a famous Hungarian writer, who became famous with his humorous and shocking short novels. These products were made in honour of his anniversary year in 2012.
Through my work, I tried to represent the author's style. I was experimental, playful and surprising.
Cube puzzle game
This is a special puzzle game made out of amorphous shapes. You have to fold and glue each piece first. Then you can make two grotesque illustrations about “One-minutes” novels. This puzzle has another play feature as a classic cube game. Children can learn a lot about difficult shapes, and they can also try to build different constructions, which is pretty challenging, because these are not brick shapes at all.

Special folded flyers. The inside-part of it animates during the opening. There is a joke on both sides.
Festival posters
Posters for Örkény event series, which tells fake announcements about the subway transportation.
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