The Speculative Campus Project - 2112 Ai City Edition
The speculative campus proposes an extreme state of the near-future university conceived from existing research and propositions on learning environments, and the changing nature of contemporary education. As institutions move towards flatter hierarchies and notice the effectiveness of education through peer learning and transdisciplinary interactions the main focus/function of the physical university must also evolve.

Process based methods are used to explore and propose a University with a social and civic focus. A university that is largely open to the public and that exploits the social potential of the laneway typology. Boundaries are blurred and disciplines overlap, the university becomes a place where all spaces are circulation as much as they are learning and social spaces. The university will become a place of collaboration between the academic and industry, the institution and the public, opening up a wider ground to mine for ideas and knowledge.

tutor: Vivian Mitsogianni