Kinect Rush (Microsoft Studios)
Kinect Rush
Kinect Rush went through a lot of iterations while we were developing it and pitching it; starting out as a Disney/Pixar hybrid racing game, becoming a Pixar game that dynamically merged the universes of the films, to something much more strictly deliniated.  It makes sense that Pixar would be protective of its properties, but we got to do a lot of fun exploratory work to get there.
Kinect Rush visual target | 2010
Kinect Rush visual target (unused characters) | 2010

The game originally involved Disney properties as well as Pixar ones, but these had to be switched out (with Wall-E and Sully respectively) for the final concept.
Alternate universe characters (Woody & Sully) | Kinect Rush

One of the early concepts for the game involved familiar characters from Pixar franchises being translated into other Pixar films, and so there was a fair amount of development to see what that would look like.  In this case it's Woody in A Bug's Life, and Sully in The Incredibles.
More alternate universe Sullys | Kinect Rush
Example of player characters within different universes | Kinect Rush