Self Branding / Logo Development 
For our grad portfolio we had to create our own brand for ourselves. I started with an old family nick name and did sketch after sketch until I had to throw it all away and start again. The process took a while but the end result of trying to find out who you are as a designer is worth it. The bird shows off my quirky, fun personality while showing the elements of my design work. 
Through my research I found that parakeets were considered very odd. Always feeling a bit different from the rest of society I thought this was a good representation of who I was. I started with study sketches then keep extracting them until I found my first good starting point.
Keeping some elements of the parakeet I started my exploration. I even tried including my last initial of my name but it didn't fit. 
Starting over

To help me define the E I had to write my name over and over again from my signature. This is what eventually lead to the right shape. I tried various different types of E and then printed them out and created odd birds with different mediums. 

Choosing elements that I liked I narrowed down the options and started making alterations in vectors.
Back to sketching

At this point there was still something missing. I wanted my logo to have a personality or a characteristic about it to show a little more description about myself.
Ta Da!
A monocle was decided. Since I'm always curious about learning something new and love old detective mystery stories I thought it was appropriate. Graphic Design is about solving problems and as designers we need to investigate! Also at this point I gave my little character funnier legs to give him more height.  A custom green was finally chosen for the main color. 
The fun part is my logo can show movement and is able to tell a story. This gives the bird personality and shows people that design is never static. It can always change. 
Thank you very much for looking.