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in tind we trust / random business card print
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Random Bussiness Card Silkscreen Print
in tind we trust 
In Tind we trust random business card prints.
A full customized modern Swatch Book screen printed with your own artwork, it can be a business cards, a personal message or a mini artwork in multiple but unique colorful copies.
Each batch will be different according to the season and gut feeling.
200+ (always more, 250 aprx) silkscreen printed cards 

the project: Custom screen printed gradient backgrounds and random color on each side (A+B side) 
the results: random colors (from black and white to fluorescent gradients and gold) on random printed papers. No card it's the same with the other

version 001 / in printing order:
- Stephania Pasaliadi
- Hara Vidopoulou
- Maria Kefala
- Panagiotis Vergopoulos (designkinks)
- Grou3
- Athena Liaskou
- Kostis Sotirakos
- Web Clicks
- Sofia Stevi
- tind
- erato

Thank you all for the love and support

Order direclty here
Alternativly contact us at for a slot on the next batch. 
We would be happy to print for you.

in tind we trust / random business card print

in tind we trust / random business card print

in tind we trust random bussiness card print 200plus silkscreen printed cards 1 random color on each side random colors on random papers & mate Read More