Half of Romania’s population lives in rural areas. Although their lives are simple and modest, they keep the Romanian spirit alive.

They possess what city dwellers refer to as GOLD: bio or traditional products.
But although these products may cause an eager demand among super-modernized city people, curious tourists or Romanians with a yearning for home, in the countryside, peasants don’t’ have enough markets to sell their produce to, nor there is a high demand, forcing them to throw away large quantities of products, most of the time.


City dwellers, Romanians that live abroad and tourists, get to experience the Romanian spirit only in the countryside, in the taste of naturally grown produce, in the smell of traditional meals and in the authenticity of traditional products.

City people make serious efforts to reconnect with the authentic Romanian lifestyle and to obtain at least a slice of this. Their endeavour is troublesome because, even in 2014, there is still no real bridge between the two worlds.


The Digital Village

Samsung enables access to the authentic Romanian spirit through technology. Thus, rural producers will be connected with those that desire their products: city people.


1st step: Scouting for peasants

With the help of a Samsung Caravan we look for rural producers, that are authorized to sell their produce, and enroll them in The Digital Village. 

2nd step: Train them to LIVE SMART

Bloggers need content. They will surely accept our challenge: to train one of our peasants for a week and to help her/him promote himself using the online platform.

Furthermore, bloggers will also help register rural producers on The Digital Village’s map, create a profile for them and teach them how to update pictures, videos, and information, all using only one object – the smartphone.

3rd step: Populating The Digital Village

The online map will be populated by the newly found producers and will be updated in real time, as a result of their online evolution.
For example, the producers will upload pictures and videos about how they prepare jam. Or how they plant the tomatoes that make them famous. Or how long it takes them to knit a sweater. Or what their guest room looks like if you want to visit them.

4th step: Reviews and acknowledgment

After we identify the producers and their profile has been set up with the help of bloggers, they will be represented on the map through a bubble. The bubble will progressively grow with the information given by the peasant about his business and the good reviews received from clients.

5th step: What’s in it for the urban dwellers?

All the city people that visit the platform will get to fully feel the authentic Romanian lifestyle, to witness how the best tasting Zacuscă or the most renowned marmalade is made, how Dăbuleni watermelons are planted, but they will also be able to order the products. They have the option to either go and pick up their products themselves or simply have them delivered. No worries. The bloggers will teach the peasants all that is needed.


Samsung teaches two very different worlds to LIVE SMART.
The peasants use technology to sell their products and end up increasing their income. The city people satisfy their longing for the countryside and consume healthier food and traditional products while supporting the local economy.


The Digital Village was much appreciated in Samsung's Worldwide Contest for Cannes Ideas from South Korea. Actually, it won 3rd place out of over 120 ideas participating worldwide at Samsung Marketing Innovation Contest 2014. 

It was the first ever nominalization for Leo Burnett Romania in this contest.