8a.pl - Branding
8a.pl is a leading Polish online store with products for climbers fans of outdoore adventures. Our task was to make the brand image more coherent while maintaining the current logo. For this purpose, we have created the main theme of the brand. What is more we have proposedthe new  "ON TOP" slogan, which Refers to clothing trends and reaching mountain peaks. 

We designed and implemented a thematic blog 8academy.pl, which is a place for climbers, adventurers and people for whom the mountains are lifestyle. 

In cooperation with 8a.pl we have created social campaign directed to the rock climbers. It's main slogan was "I finish safely." The main idea behind the campaign was to draw attention to a very important element of safety when climbing which is the knot at the end of the rope. For this purpose, we have created the sticker which was distributed to the climbers with help of our partners. The stickers, posters and roll-ups can be seen on all major climbing walls in the whole Poland. Detailed information about the campaign can be found on www.konczebezpiecznie.pl 



Michał Dobies - Creative Direction, Key visual, First designer
Karol Socha - Second designer
Mateusz Pałka - 8academy logo
Łukasz Czubak - Copywriter
Fotokultura - Photo session

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8a.pl - Branding
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