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    Colaborative work with roma
Eternity Bird
A colaboration with Roma
This work was a colaboration with Roma. You can visit his gallery here.

The idea behind this piece was to make a big symbolic monument in a landscape. A signature of men to represent eternity. We wanted to represent this idea with a monument that would act like the 8th world wonder. An architectural piece that has been forgotten in time.

Through sketches I came up with the idea of the eternity bird. It's form represents a sidelong 8 which is the symbold for eternity. From my sketches Roma did the hard work of modeling and sculpting the bird in various 3d programms . Together we then took turns in creating the landscape.

This was a very long process, which could have been faster if I hadn't had to go to the military. I had a great time in colaborating with you Roma and I am looking forward in other great works.

Go find his portfolio here

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