Ten Principles of Good Design (Group)
This was a group project assigned to the class during my senior year. We were instructed to design posters for each of Dieter Rams’ 10 Principles of "Good Design", and package them as a reward for a Kickstarter campaign.  Together, we decided which of Rams designed products we felt should be represented by each principle, the color scheme, and the typeface. Once decided, we had the freedom to design the posters as we pleased. 

I chose to do an illustration of the Braun ABR 21 radio, which I made almost entirely with simple shapes in illustrator. We decided that we would only use black, white, and Pantone 1655 C as the color scheme. As for the typeface, we stuck with Univers because we felt that a simple sans serif best represented Rams’ clean style.

Overall, the project was a great way for us to see how we worked in a group setting, and it turned out that we all worked exceptionally well together.
Ten Principles of Good Design (Group)