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Aestheticized Action, 2010
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Aestheticized Action, 2010

...The main andseemingly invisible theme of Aestheticized Action is the creativeprocess in photography. The author presents a summary of his ownrelation to photography as a means of visual expression and creativemanifestation. He is confronted with a situation in which the visualqualities of the image lose their relationship with the act ofcreation and focuses on the fulfilment of a common - his own or moreor less shared - trend.
The photographs ofMartin Tůma are a mixture of landscape, performance, and staging;they evoke the topics of lighting, manipulation, and camouflage.Aestheticized Aesthetic Action represents an admitted heritage of theexperiences of photography. In order to realize itself, it must denythese experiences. Performance in an open landscape substitutesestablished photographic practices including post-production. With astrong vision of an image, staged and acted by the author in theopen, it uses to the maximum extent possible the environment. Itusurps the „graphic material“ of the winter landscape – snow,imitating it and manipulating it with a matter-of-fact approach tonatu re, so typical for humans. The environmentalism of these imagesis rooted in the author’s deep perception of the landscape andhimself set in it. The idea of the world around us is a reflection ofour own life. The author’s confrontation with the medium isindicated by his perhaps unconscious reference to the works ofKazimir Malevich and his theory of negation of rules of painting. Thevirtuosity of every art form ceases to be a challenge once itstagnates trying to be reach perfection and losing the essence ofcreativity and liveliness. 

Mgr. VendulaJuřicová