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    Brand identity for my home brewery.
A year ago I started brewing my own beer at home. As a designer I had to create a brand identity for it. The idea was to keep it simple and not over design it. I wanted to be able to create the labels really quickly (which not always was the case)

The brewery still has no name but as a logo serves this old engraving of a squirell munching on a hop cone (obviously).

The labels are all typographic and somehow relate to the beer name. They're printed on coloured papers on a monochrome laser printer. 

There are two variations of Wild Trip stout — one of them has cherries in it. And yes, it's gluten free. (For the beer geeks — it's 100% Brett.)

Graf is a beer–cider hybrid based on a ficional drink that appeared in Stephen King series The Dark Tower. Above is my version and its cheesy name that you have to be Polish to get.