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    2016 logo collection
ROCK JUICE美式茶饮也接近尾声,预计年前完工试营业。
今年的产量没有去年多,时间是更充沛了。但是真正做设计的时间只占生活一部分。某前辈分享心得 “好的商业设计案例是立足于市场并渗透在生活中的” 所以也尝试去感受发现更多设计之外但与设计相关的事,坚持精作不走量。

Finishing part of the 2016 logo design and share with each other. Welcome to exchange and learn from each other.
And then pay attention to the unique experience of the United States and the ugly; focus on the application of experience after the cost of space; now concerned about the case of the effect of landing applications, market effects, the future to convey the use of space and elasticity……
Has been working hard before, and now can also be free with their own works to participate in competitions selection. Is to detect their own level, but also account for customers and works.
Works "Bee language" "lazy to home" Fortunate Chinese authoritative design yearbook, Brand creative rendering Ⅲ.
In these cases, there are successful commercials and aircraft.
McKinda creative food business for six months, has been in Tianjin, Handan, Wuxi and other regions set up a number of stores.
Ouba rabbit imported goods online supermarket line has begun operations, and gradually settled in the major domestic campus business; Zhu Jia Mian Food Workshop is preparing to update the brand image;
Duo girl brand upgrade has been basically completed, over time will organize and share.
ROCK JUICE American tea is also nearing completion, is expected to be completed before the trial business.
Dr. Shi, Ai Kesi, food steward, rice housekeeper, Fali shark, wine, etc. are also commercially put into the market ... ...
This year's output is not more than last year, the time is more abundant. But the real time to do the design only part of life. "A good commercial design case is based on the market and penetration in life," so also try to feel more than the design found but related to the design of things, insist on fine do not take the amount.
Immediately 2017, the memory of the monkey Benming, harvest there are setbacks, but still enjoy it! But also to thank his girlfriend and family support understanding, there are encouragement on the road to encourage older friends, the New Year to continue its efforts.
Finally, I wish you a happy New Year ahead of time!