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    T-shirt designs I do.
T-shirt Designs

This one took a lot of work but came out pretty close to what I wanted, a cool looking robot exploding with flowers that bursted from his tummy.

So here´s the process:
-First some sketches to determine some features, movement, placement etc...
-A big drawing in pencil, later inked (scanned it in several parts and merged them in photoshop).
-Lots of hours of painting in photoshop, once I kinda of nailed it I started to translate the solid colors to half-tones in order to use less colors (cheaper impression, and it looks cool also)
-Added some splatters that I scanned and that´s it!

Cyborg in my chest

Just an Illustration of a cyborg girl head, I meant to use the color of the shirt as a melting away prison for the cyborg girl inside. To restrict the colors I used a lot of halftones with different sizes, it gives it a moderate vintage look
I first drew the thing by hand, then traced it in Illustrator, and painted it in Photoshop mostly.

Apocalyptic picnic

The whole title is:
After the apocalypse, a romantic picnic on the back of a dinisor (pronounced: din-e-sor)
It´s meant to be a series of cute/weird post-apocalyptic images, so there will be more soon hopefully.

First try, boy it´s ugly! uglier than yo-mama!
second try, lots better.

Drew it in pencil and then scanned it (no inking), painted in photoshop.
The water reflections were made with a brush of someone kind whose name I don´t recall.

Men that first one is really ugly, (don´t loose hope on your ideas)