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    Kartonove mesto – 10th materealization of Cardboardia
Kartónové Mesto. - 10th materialization of Cardboardia
Slovakia, Kosice, "Use the City" festival 2012

May 20-27, 2012 on the territory of Slovakia, Kosice (during "Use The City" festival, Kosice2013 - european culture capital) was held first anniversary materialization of Cardboardia – Kartónové Mesto. 

Cardboard Towns are materialization of Cardboardia on territory of different countries. Every town of Cardboardia full of life - exhibitions, art workshops, theatre performances, concerts, markets – the main component of these happenings is interactivity – all the actions are oriented towards the active participation of the audience (tourists of our country).

People joined the construction before the official opening of the borders of the town. A lot of local artists came to build Kartónové Mesto. After opening on the Town Square happened a great number of celebrations. Tourists were actively pass Bureaucratic Quest and became a Personages of Cardboardia, open their businesses, and organized the events. For example, two twin brothers produced a terrific performance Long Man Show.  The creative team SPOTs did playground, and the artist Mr. Burak built asteam locomotive with dogs. In Kartonove Mesto people from “Keks” design bureau openeda flower shop. In the hearet of the Town worked Marriage Center witch married all comers, even the dogs, mannequins,and mobile phones. Has worked daily newspaper “Posol Tyrana”, where were collected the latest gossip and news.

One Personages of Cardboardia, Sergei Roy, deside to make video diary and write history of 10 materialisation of Cardboardia