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    Digital sculpting of Mike Giant figure for Reckless Toys by Bigshot Toyworks.
One of our favorite aspects of our job is the opportunities to work with people we respect and admire.

So you can imagine our joy when we were given the opportunity to sculpt the very first figure for Reckless Toys, based on Mike Giant's mascot for the ToyPunks video series!

Mike's clean, bold illustrative style seems like it would be easy to sculpt...no feathers, no scales, no tiny, intricate detail. But illustration this distinct provides a completely different set of challenges when making the jump 2D to 3D. Building correct proportions, and making sure that a simple figure maintains the character of the drawing, and is still engaging to the viewer is more difficult than it looks. Deceptive simplicity has foiled many a toymaker, but we're incredibly proud of how well this turned out!
Digital sculpt by Scott Wetterschneider
Final production figure.
Final production figure