This is a collection / Portfolio of book cover artworks of the past I´m really proud of.
All works shown here are done by me Oliver Wetter and are copyright by Fantabulous Visions and the respective publishers.
Most of the works are done digitally, using Photoshop and Wacom hardware like Intuos and Cintiq tablets, some work consist of physical references such as sculpture, photographed props, etc, whatever is necessary for an outstanding outcome.
For cover illustration in the style depicted in the examples below, typography, layout or licensing, get in touch ⇒
⇑  Cover for the Daedalus Rimes Saga by Howard W. Lewis
⇑ Cover for Cthulhurotica anthology, published by Dagan books, edited by Carrie Cuinn
⇑ Cover for Corpus Pretereo anthology, published by Escape collective publishing
⇑ Covers done for Alexey Pehov´s bestseller "Chronicles of Siala", published by Piper Germany
⇑ Wrap-around-cover artwork done for Liz Williams book Worldsoul, published by Prime books.
⇑ Wrap-around-cover done for German author Simon Halo, published by King Only.
⇑ Wrap-around cover artwork done for author J.S.Chancellor, published by Rhemalda publishing.
⇑ Second wrap-around-cover done for the book Blood of Adoria from author J.S. Chancellor, published by Rhemalda.
⇑ Cover done for author Sandra Baumgärtner, published by Verlag kleine Schritte. There is a making of here on behance that you might want to check out.
⇑ Cover for Stephan Russbült´s novel Dämonengold (Demon gold), published by Bastei Lübbe, part of the cover was done by another artist, but he couldn´t get the hand and coins quite right, that was my job.
⇑ Cover artwork licensed to James Michael White for the Anthology "The mutagenic cycle and other stories". The artwork was based of a 3d sketch from Pascal Blanché, I did the work with his written consent.
⇑ Cover done for Kyle B. Stiff´s interactive novel;"Heavy Metal Thunder", really enjoyed doing this one.
There is a making of here on behance for you to take a look at how such a cover is done.
⇑ Cover done for a special German edition of the "Last unicorn & two hearts" from author Peter S. Beagle.