EXTERIOR DESIGN & 2D RENDERING Aidan Lim _ poetlim2618@naver.com

3D MODELING & VRED RENDERING Juman Son _ thswnaks94@gmail.com

Jaguar has a clear and definite design. Jaguar considers character lines and proportion when designing. The car's sharp character-lines and its aerodynamic shape is designed to feel speediness by just standing in middle of street. When viewing on top, volume of the body is rounded in middle, and its end gets narrow. This aerodynamic body tells a strong design philosophy of Jaguar, which has been passed down since 1922. 

To become a masterpiece, design needs to try defying gravity. Design must look beautiful and stand out in the middle of new concept cars flooding into market. Sometimes the new type of material is changed, or various of colors are added, but a masterpiece never loses its tradition. Jaguar is one of a kind. 

Considering its trend and tradition, we present keywords 'Performance and Luxury' to a new Jaguar concept. Furthermore, we offer new vision of smart technology that meets the needs of target consumer and society. Experts say the Smart Autonomous system will lead the new era of car design. As a designer, it is a challenge to design cars with the new system. This project started with three keywords, Perfomance, Luxury and Smart. We focused on designing and suggesting a new solution to the challenge that Jaguar will face in future.  

Thank you for watching our work!