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Sound Donut
Bluetooth speaker lowcost-model design & Packages
[Charge battery]
Connect your Sound Donut™ speakerphone to a USB power source using the cable included in the box.

[Connect Bluetooth]
Press and hold the Power Button for 8 seconds to enter Bluetooth pairing mode. On your phone/tablet search for new Bluetooth devices in range. Select "Sound Donut".

[Make phone call]
Dial a number of your phone. You will note an option to choose between Sound Donut™ and the phone's internal speaker. Speak clearly into the microphone.

[Play music]
Select tracks from your music library such as iTunes and press Play. You can adjust volume on your MP3 player or on the Sound Donut™.

[Voice activated controls]
Touch the Call Button once. This will launch SiRi or another voice control software. Speak your commands into the microphone.