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Several months ago T-World journal (the world's only bi-annual journal dedicated entirely to t-shirt design) approached Jake Nickell at Threadless about curating a collaborative t-shirt design for that most lovable of blue monsters, Grover for Sesame Street's 40th Anniversary.

The catch was that it had to be 6 colors or less, and had to be completed in one week!
Grover’s love of travel is such a great metaphor for the way that he’s impacted people all over the globe that we wanted to build on that idea for our collaborative design, by showing him struggling with an enormous suitcase covered in travel stickers.

After my concept was selected, I was also given the honor of art directing and composing the final design.

Once we settled on a composition and color palette, the project was opened to any Threadless alumni that wished to participate.

 As the stickers came in, they were gradually added to the illustration of Grover and a dramatically over-sized suitcase, until we arrived at the final design that you see below, comprised of the work of twenty different artists working from six continents.

There's a great writeup of the project and our collaborative creative process in the current issue of T-World, available here: www.magnation.com