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Brand Attributes

The Development Club is a Harrisburg University student ran organization. Its goal is to prepare students for their careers following graduation. As a club, we wrote down as many one-word attributions as possible to reflect this goal. This was a brainstorming exercise where we write down as many attributes as possible and then select the items that fit best.

Exploring Directions

The reason the Development Club formed was due to the lack of real-world project experience. How do you talk with the client? What kind of questions do you ask before accepting a project? How do you handle money and transactions? These are just a few questions young students have and no idea how to answer them. This club was designed to answer them through experiential learning.

With experiential learning in mind, we asked the entire club to draw up concepts for a club logo. The design was shared with all members, and critiqued by the club officers. The designer will have time to apply changes as they saw fit before a final decision was made.


Evolving The Chosen Option

The "DC" logo in the shape of the square was our top choice and most well received by the club. He felt professional yet simplistic in it's shape; easy to remember. However, their is still work to be done to improve the overall shape.


The development club is an official club of Harrisburg University of Science and Technology. Everything we do reflects the school, and the board must approve of large scale projects and events we undertake. To keep with the affiliation, we decided on fonts that are easily accessible while looking vaguely similar to the university branding. We considered several options but ultimately decided on "Arial" bold/black for headers and "Lato" for the body.

Color Palette

Like the typography, the Development Club is strongly affiliated with Harrisburg University. We want our visual branding to represent the university in everything we do. After experimenting with a variety of different colors, we thought it would be best to just use the university colors.

Marketing Placement

We wanted students to understand exactly what we do. We are here to progress your career, network with professionals, and grow your skills in the technology field. Let's show that in the logo.


At the end of our first official year, 16 students signed up to become members and routinely attended every month in various events & activities. This is the second-highest engagement among all clubs. This is extremely important because receiving University funding is obtained based on student interest & engagement.

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Development Club Logo

Development Club Logo

The Development Club of Harrisburg University was founded in Fall 2014 to provide students with work and real-world experience.