MEDUSA GUITAR | recover + illustration project
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Medusa . A guitar who was raised from the dead to be a monster...
This guitar was found in the trash of a music store and, in that same moment I saw a opportunity to begin a new project. Therefore, to reconstruct this instrument I had to rebuild all the front, repair the damages of some impacts she had suffered before and apply new tuners.
Took me 3 months to finish the project. 
1. Chose and prepared the wood (I used a plywood which contained pine wood in the mix)
2. Cut the shape of the guitars "new face"
3. Trim the edges to be close to the final shape with sand and polishing
4. Extracted and restored the piece where the strings will be wrapped 
5. Polished the edges near the guitar hole and tried to find a shape more natural and clean
6. Since I'm no expert I kept everything I could from the old structure (in this point I chose to cut the shape of the arm and connect it to the remaining guitar front)
7. Measured and cut the structure (used pine wood)
8. Applied the guitar tuners at this point to begin having some inspiration for ornaments in the front
9. Time to restore the "string-wrapper" 
10. Unscrewed the bolts and drilled new holes for fixation
11. Sand and polish for making a better connection to the front
12. Glue applying some pressure to the structure (in the "main-beam" near the hole I used the double of the thickness)

13. In this step I needed to make some tools to glue uniformly the front to the rest of the guitar (used screwed tubes, solid wood and felt to do them)
14. Repaired the existing parts of the structure (adding and glueing wood where they were needed to create more surface to connect to the "beams")
16. Sketch and do some tests with tracing paper
17. Decal the tracing paper when the final result of the drawing has been reached
20. Sand and polish the edges to get a more rounded shape
21. Started applying barnish with brush
22. Polished the barnish and applied again (repeated some times till I get a good thickness)
23. Gave a final barnish layer using brush and cloth
24. Waited till its dried.

A special thank you to Instrumentos Valente who explained me some of the steps.