Vegan Safe Market - Visual Identity and Packaging

Vegan Safe is a new model of supermarket, dedicated to vegan consumers. It's like any other grocery store, but only with safe products for vegans. The model is inspired on high-quality convenience markets, like Carrefour Express and Tesco Local, where the clients can easily and quickly find the best brand. It's also sustainable, fair trade and organic. All the packagings are recycled, recyclable, refillable or returnable.
Young adults, small families, single professionals, University students from the Millenials generation. They live in big cities, so they appreciate shopping on their neighborhood or as near as possible. They don't like to waste time on huge lines and they prefer to have few but better brand options to choose. They are aware that it's important to think sustainable and make smart choices or find better solutions to the environment. They are vegan because they love the animals and see them as equals and they believe that we can create a better future every day through our choices.

Launch the first vegan market and be a reference to the industry. 

Quotation from the briefing: "What are your advantages? My store is bigger, with more staffs. People will feel like in a normal market, but vegan. They will feel comfortable because the place is less intimidating than a small grocery store. They will feel safe because it’s easy to find everything like in any other market, but they won’t need to read labels"

The goal is to launch a new model of market and be a reference in the industry. Thinking about that, the concept, the name and the visual identity must be appealing, easy to remember, simple to apply in different contexts and very professional, but without losing the handmade/organic feeling:

- Brand's name: Vegan Safe - it's simple, easy to remember and tells exactly what the client should expect;
- Slogan: Stop Reading Labels - it's provocative and transmits the brand concept;
- Logotype: only one version, inspired in rubber stamp labels. It gives the idea that the market is certified as vegan safe. All the applications have the "vegan safe" stamp. 
- Visual Identity: the color palette is very bright and colorful to transmit a great mood; the typography is handwritten to transmit handmade and friendly feelings; the pattern has a green armor symbol that plays with the idea of vegan safety.
- Packaging: vegetable milk line, muesli flavors line and a returnable juice packaging.


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Vegan Safe Market - Visual Identity and Packaging

Vegan Safe Market - Visual Identity and Packaging

Vegan Safe is a new model of supermarket, dedicated to vegan costumers. It's like any other grocery store, but only with safe products for vegans Read More


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