The Third Year Graphic Design Students at the Durban University of Technology were asked to design an LP Cover for Garth Walkers Design magazine iJusi. This magazine show cases designs that are controversial and have a strong sense of African design and style. Each year the Magazine takes on a theme and for this edition the theme was Lp Vinyl Records. Designers from all around South Africa were able to submit their work and the final Lp Covers were chosen by Garth Walker. I was lucky enough to be one of the few who's design was chosen and is published as page one in this prestigious Design Magazine. 
My Concept

The idea I had for this Lp Cover was built around the lion match box. I decided to take quite a direct and controversial approach. I decided to change the image on the matchbox from the usual male lion, and replacing the male role with the female. As you can see I have made the lioness be onto of the male showing female dominance and emphasizing how women are now taking a stand to the men and most often than not taking the dominant role. The make lion is upside down as to emphasize the concept of the lioness dominating the male as well as the most obvious being that in order for penetration to take place, the male has to be on his back. Another point of view is that the male is lying in submission to the female. The play on words with the LP cover being called "Pussy" is very in-you-face but is also a vulgar word used to describe a women's vagina, but also is relevant as cats are often referred to "pussy cats". The Lp Cover band is called "The Pride" This ties in with the collective noun -a pride of lion, but also carries so many other characteristics.