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“Hidden" explores my relationship with spaces that I havealways found peculiar and captivating. The project consists of two sets ofimages, working as a single body of work, taken in different parts of Europe(Romania and Great Britain) and having different dynamics. Thus, my series hasas main aim documenting a personal journey of both relating and understanding placeswhich I have been or I am still inhibiting.

There is a magnetic mystery to the images, closely linked tothe fact that one’s eyes can’t get past the surface; you are offered nothingbut an interesting, yet somehow formal, combination of lines and shapes. Is the feeling of lon
eliness that floatsthroughout the series, accentuated bythe framing and choice of flat light, thatmakes the all the images function in the same way, relate to the outer worldidentically. I do not intend for my pictures to be read as being objective, asthey are not. This body of work is areflection upon my own connection with my cultural background, but mostly withenvironments that I have always overlooked. Yet, there is no fix meaning to myphotographs, as I always enjoy the beauty of stepping away from your work andletting the viewers consume it.
For more on my work, please visit www.ralucamoraru.co.uk