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    2 – CZ – 2511 is a stackable egg holder with a playful and functional shape.
2 – CZ – 2511
egg holder

2 – CZ – 2511 is a playful egg holder. The shape was inspired by classic paper holders. The white porcelain gives the product look of high quality and a pure elegance. The holder solves a problem of putting an eggshell aside while eating, which I have usually missed in such a crockery. The holder is also stackable, thus functional and saving space while storing.

The name of the product comes from a same idea as printed description on paper egg holders, which are placed on an inside of a lid. There is always description about origin of eggs, its size, whether it´s from biological farms or different and so on. 
2 – CZ – 2511 says: 2 as a dual holder, CZ as the Czech Republic, 25 as a day when the idea was born, 11 as a month when the idea was born.
model 1:1 // made of plastic
This was my first product at the University in 2008.