Calligraphy Sketches
Various Small Calligraphy Projects and Sketches
Inspired by the saying from a TV show while practicing brush lettering. The quote was done with red and white gouache on black Canson mi-teintes paper using W&N series 7 brush. The shadow was added later with black Caran d'Ache color pencil.
Inspired by my husband who is deaf, I found that we can use our senses in different ways. He could not hear me but he would read my lips and we would have a very normal conversation with no sound at all. About other senses, you can tell how the food tastes like with your eyes; you can almost smell with your taste buds, neuropsychologist proves that some blind people 'see' with their ears, a drummer who performed at London Olympic opening could hear the drum with her skin, and lastly, if you can understand this then you can feel all of them with your heart.
A greeting card design for holidays time in 2010. This is the first experiment with Adobe Illustrator's new feature: line width tool. The lettering was drafted on paper and traced on Illustrator and added the thickness of the line by that new tool to imitate the use of pointed pen. Letters are designed to be connected to go with the concept of ice skating the text on the ice surface.
Letter showing my appreciation of the scholarship written in copperplate hand using pointed nib and brown/gold gouache on letter paper.
A wine label sketch created while experimenting with Pentel Water Brush.
Tuna Jerky sign done in Trader Joe's sign painting class using pastel sticks and color pencils. The food, Tuna Jerky, was inspired by an actual product from Wholefoods.