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    Packaging concept for Tommyknocker Brewery.
Tommyknocker Brewery
This packaging concept was developed for Tommyknocker Brewery, an award-winning craft brewery in the mountains of Colorado. The Tommyknocker is a mythical creature that was believed by many to inhabit the mines of Colorado. Some saw the Tommyknockers as mischievous and blamed them for stolen tools and food, while others saw them as guardian angels that would 'knock' on the walls to warn of impending cave ins
The brewery's historic location, Idaho Springs, CO, inspired the rustic look of the packaging, which is complemented with hand drawn type and a character illustration by Von Glitschka
Designer, Art Director: Jim Hargreaves / Character Illustration: Von Glitschka
Special Thanks: Aaron Nava, Darren Brickel, Joel Hill, Ryan Lawlor
Client: Tommyknocker Brewery