Here are some of my favourite illustrations from 2016.

This year I had a chance to draw for:

Facebook, New York Times, Washington Post, Smith Journal, GQ, Forbes.

Looks like my favourite colour was BLUE.

Bon Appétit!

Poster for Honorific. AD Mantas Lesauskas.
Smith Journal
"Grapes of Wrath" the mysterious world of wine fraud. Smith Journal
"Things I Know" interview with Turner prize-winning artist Grayson Perry. Smith Journal
Few spot illustrations for Smith Journal.
Up magazine
Tania's trip from Kathmandu to Gorkha. 
Editorial illustrations for Up magazine. Commissioned by Winkreative.
Interwar Advertising in Lithuania
In Touch Ministries magazine.
Ten years of silence.
The New York Times.
"Future Cities" cover illustration for the special cities section. New York Times
"Jacob's colors" by Lindsay Hawdon. Illustration for the New York Times book review.
Washington Post
"Chasing the Light" a cover illustration fro the Washington Post
Special thanks to Molly Holden.
UA magazine
"The Unheralded Administrative Assistant" aka "Secretary" illustration for UA magazine.
Tennis magazine
"The Most Dominant You"
New York Times
Few illustrations on natural gas.
“Redefining Soybean Success: A closer look at soil fertility has the potential to raise 
your soybean game to unexpected heights” Client Crop Nutrition.
Commissioned by Modern Climate.
Blink magazine
Trying to understand human behavior. 
Editorial illustrations for Blink magazine. Commissioned by Mediacom.
Glamour magazine
Smart wardrobe.
Future e-shoping. 
Forbes Japan
Our workspace in near future.
Internet on airplanes.
Usbek & Rica magazine
Illustration for a neo noir novel.
Few spot illustrations.
Forbes Japan
"The Future of Education" As hundreds of venerable institutions of higher education limp along, 
struggling to pay their bills, a new breed of innovative, activist college 
presidents are rethinking the business of education.'
GQ France
Op art restaurant.
St Barth island.
Father's day. One of a few illustrations for Facebook. 
Events->Create->Choose a theme-> Holiday
Citizen K magazine
Editorial illustration for Citizen K magazine about famous writers who had bad experiences in France. 
AD Thibault Conan
Usbek & Rica magazine
Future FedEx.
Personal works
Letters "U" & "f"
The Fall.
Sundown. Available as a limited edition print here.
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Looking back '16

Looking back '16

My favourite illustrations created in 2016.


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