Limited edition poster for Zu's show at An Club Athens.
Art by: Choco_Fuzzink
Hand - Printed at Fuzzink's Headquarters on November 2016
The Poster is the result of 3 overlapping layers of the band's main instruments plus the handwritten typography at the bottom.
It was printed in two variations on 50*50 cm 300gsm off-white rough paper.
One run of 41 posters with RGB (+black) inks.
And another of 13 posters with CMY (+black) inks.
All copies are stamped and numbered.
Magenta and Blue variations of the "Sax" layer overprinted.
Cyan and Green variations of the "Bass" layer overprinted.
Yellow and Red variations of the "Drum" layer overprinted.
RGB variation
CMY variation
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Limited edition 4-color screen printed poster for Zu's show in Athens, nov. 2016.