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    Optical is a shoe display stand designed for competition hold by Novesta, a shoe brand.
shoe display stand
This Shoe display stand was designed as a competing product for Slovakian shoe brand Novesta. This company focuses on streetware shoes and gumboots for young thinking people.

My aim was to create a stand which would be an eye-catcher for customers and also which would present every piece of shoe as a star surrounded by its own reflections. Therefore, I designed shelf-boxes which would be made out of evaporated plastics. This would make a mirror effect and would create a very special space for each very special shoe.

Another feature was to take up a small space for displaying as many shoes as possible. Still to avoid a feeling of overfill. The most important point was to simplify a construction of the stand and make it easy to assemble. Thus, I created shelf-boxes of two sizes which both fit into the construction according to presented type of footwear. The construction of the holder itself would be made of metal with chrome coating. There would be no screws needed as it is designed to be assembled by inserting each part to the other one and lock it by clipping on the middle holder. This system offers easy taking apart and comfortable transportation to anywhere else.