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Book with polish folk dialect.
Babel, as we know from the Bible is the confusion and chaos of languages caused ​​by God.
We do not know how authentic is the story, but the world's linguistic diversity is a fact. I limited the world
to Poland, and I made a book in which text turns into a Polish folk dialect. I made the division into dialect:
Mazowiecki, Podlasia, Kashubian, Wielkopolski, Małopolski and Silesia. The partition is visible throug the
use of the color key and cut-out illustrations known as Polish folk art. Using: gwiozdy, zielki, masuria and 
the kashubian embroidery I tried to show character of
the region. 
All images are made up from the letters of the Bodoni Bold font and are designed, and cut-out by me.
I introduced color between pages to show the real cut-out art. Each word in this book has own meaning,
which can be discovered behind the diamond shape slit. Ridge is hand-wooven in the warp using tapestry style. 

The book is part of my master degree in graphic design at the Acaademy of Fine Arts in Gdansk.
I hope you enjoy.
Best regards.