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 Bison Bonasus Hits the Pitch
The French designer Tougui agreed to design a figure of a mighty bison soccer player for the Poles – an entirely unprecendented development! Had the Polish national soccer team’s manager taken him in, the results of the Championships would have been entirely different!
Tougui is a French designer of clothing, scenery, and surfboard markings, among others. However, his fame is based mostly on his paper toy figures for adults. Paper toys differ from other sorts of figures by the fact that they are intended to be assembled by the collector himself. Paper toys as a hobby are gaining popularity in Japan and Europe among youths as well as adults. Tougui, intrigued by the idea behind the ETNO 2012 Festival, agreed to design anentirely Polish in spirit paper toy figure for the Animation Foundation. The ETNO 2012 Festival was a project in June 2012 which encourage artists to comment on the global phenomenon of soccer by means of their works (ie. movies,designer items, etc.).

“It’s a great idea. Count me in! A bison woud be perfect” – declared Tougui, when he started working on his project in March 2012.
“It’s avery distinct and humorous piece. We’re honored that Tougui designed it for us.The bison, which lives only in Poland, expresses the power and spirit of the Slavic soul. Tougui conveyed a sense of militancy, but also a sort of impulsiveness” – commented Przemysław Olszewski, curator of the ETNO 2012 project. After assembly, the bison soccer player, clad in the kit of the Polish national team, stands 15 cm tall. The template with the figure’s elements can be downloaded free of charge from thesoccer design gallery at During the ETNO 2012 Festival, the bison figure was assembled not only by children, but also by adult papercraft enthusiasts and soccer fans. The professional model makers who ran theworkshops were impressed by the participants’ skills. Go ahead and assembleyour own bison!