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    Milano Public Design Festival, 2010 Architects: Felipe Campolina and Augusto Ribeiro
Freestage ///
The project consists of the planning of an intervention on a urban parking area (2x5m). Developed using tubular steel structures for stages and stands that is available for rent in the market. The other components are: Nylon net: for isolation of the street and light reduction. The nylon net works as a curtain, and can be opened as convenience. Cover surface / screen: for internal protection against rain and space for movie projectionsOSB boards: floor and 16 seats.

The proposal aims to a free appropriation of space byresidents and tourists in the city providing fun and entertainment for everyone. The FREESTAGE works during the day and night, with diverse activities. 

During the day, the nylon net isolation provides a thermal-visual comfort that allows the adequate use of space. It is free for performances, leisure, chat and reading, for example. Can be also a meeting place for tour guides were we can show the sightseeing of the city.

Projections on the movie screen will animate the city all night long; We think that the most interesting thing is that we allow people to give life for the space and it will work on it own.