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Forma UI Kit

Form is an extension of content, a revelation of essence. Inspired solely from the various embodiments of the form, whether is that a human creation, expressed in the timeless beauty of art, or a natural one, like the smooth, velvet contours of the sand dunes, this product is the manifestation of the everlasting affection for the beautiful. By embracing sleek minimalist style, the content will shine in all its glory in this comprehensive UI kit.


The UI kit has been organized in several contextual components - widgets, media, navigation, forms and articles.


The kit has been designed with free, open source fonts - Montserrat, a geometric sans-serif typeface inspired from urban typography and used frequently as a free alternative to Proxima Nova and Gotham, which won the hearts of many web and UI designers; Libre Baskerville, a web font, based on the American Type Founder's Baskerville from 1941, optimized for body text and on-screen reading.

Style guide

The UI kit comes with a style guide, which includes typography guidelines, color palette and UI elements.

Build websites fast

With the choice of elements offered and the organized layer structure, building a website is just a matter of combining layer groups.

Click here for a full preview of the UI kit.

Available for sale on:

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Forma UI Kit

Forma UI Kit

A sleek, minimalist user interface kit, inspired by all things beautiful.