Tết Là Nhất
Pepperidge Farm

Based on the concept "Minimalism", we combine Pepperidge Farm cookies with clay.
All the photos show how Vietnamese people from countryside to urban celebrates "Tết" holiday. [Facebook Link]

Client | Pepperidge Farm
Agency | DSquare
Concept & Art Director | Toan Ng
Photographer | Monkey Minh
Clay Modeling | Tidu Workshop
Food Stylist | Tran Nhat Dang Khoa
Visualizer | Pung Pung & Tra Truong
- s k e t c h b o a r d -

With all the meticulous preparation, and challenges we overcame. I appreciate my friends who made "Tết Là Nhất" with me.
Thank you guys for giving me the cutest experience in my working life.