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    Short film for the Fiat 500. Directed by Mark Kudsi.
Fiat Get Ready
Agency: Motion Theory
Creative Director: Mark Kudsi
The Fiat 500 Get Ready music video was a promotion for the rollout of the Fiat 500 in the US. The video created a contrast between the human and the mechanical by invoking the juxtaposition of people getting ready in their houses, and the Fiat getting ready in the factory. I was responsible for alot of the concept development of the spot, brainstorming actions that would appropriately juxtapose in both the factory and household realms, and concocting interesting narratives.

Note: all photography was found, and simply used to illustrate ideas. None of it was used in the actual spot. 
Below are some of my juxtaposition concepts - showing overlaps
and transitions between human and mechanic actions.