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    Portal for Idea Submission
Idea box for Innovation

XYZ Systems is a private limited company which is into Security Software domain. The Management had realized that the employees has very good ideas which were discussed, but was not being implemented as they were not tracked and followed up. They want to build a platform which would allow employees to submit their ideas. The submitted ideas would be reviewed, approved and prioritzed by senior leaders.
User can submit an idea to the portal, which can be an individual's idea or by a group. They have option to submit idea for any particular event, being conducted in any location. They can submit any POC if any. The user needs to select a category to which the idea would best belong to. They also have an option to keep their idea private or make it public to all employees.
In this section, the user can view all the ideas submitted by him/her. Get to know the approval status and the reviewer of the project.
This section is similar to the previous section, where the user can view all the ideas submitted by anyone in the organization and have marked the idea to be Public.
The user has an option to search based on various options for the project.