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Talking Alien
Talking Alien is an app Idesigned for kids to have fun with and also have educational purpose. The usergroup is from 4 year old to 16 year old children. The main function of this appis to teach children language.
The theme of this game takes place in outer space, and the character in this game is a little alien. Children have to raise this little alien, just like a digital 
Before children start to play this game, parents need to set a password in the game and setup a time of day which allowed their kids to play this game. For example: parents can limit game time by specifying when their kids should have a meal or play outdoors.
This game provides some simple sentence on the screen. There is a voice feature can make smart device pronounce the correct pronunciation for children. When children follow the pronunciation and talk to the character, smart device can catch the voice that children just pronounced, if they speak the sentence correctly; the character will be very happy. If children don’t pronounce correctly, the character will make some facial expression which looks very confused to tell children they need to try it again. The more sentence children learn, the bigger the character can grow up.
When the alien is an egg form, children can learn some simple words like: Hello, good morning, or goodbye.

When the alien becomes a kid, children can learn simple sentences like: How are you, do you want to play with me, or what’s your name?
When the alien becomes an adult, children can learn more advanced sentences like: what are you doing right now? what’s your favor food? or I am tired, I need to go to sleep.
The game character can feel hungry, sick, exhausted, and sleepy. When the character expresses emotions, the smart device will make some special sound to tell the player. The player needs to give the correct responds to each reaction. For example: if the character feels hungry, the user needs press some buttons or tab an icon in order to feed the character. Once children play this game, they feel like they are raising a living alien creature, and this alien creature will grow up day by day.