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    Pitch for Pepsi 2010

The Brief?
In 2010 Pepsi awarded grants to individuals and businesses promoting new ideas that would have a positive impact on their community. This was called Pepsi Refresh Project.
The Concept?

We decided to give this project a spin and make it a fun opportunity for Pepsi to target it's young customers.  
How did we do it?
Around Summer time there are more than 15 music festivals taking place in Portugal. From Rock in Rio to Optimus Alive, all the big bands come and perform at our festivals. But the music doesn't stop there. Everywhere in Portugal, little towns and villages throw parties celebrating their most Popular Saints. St. Anthony is celebrated in Lisbon, St. John is celebrated in Oporto. But these are only the most famous ones. There's one difference though, the bands playing here are not The Rolling Stones or Shakira or even Miley Cyrus. No, the musician's playing here are usually Portuguese folk solo singers and small town bands. 
We came up with a concept called: Refresh your village party. 
We gave young Pepsi customers the chance to change their village/town/city parties and upgrade them into something hip and cool. Something more to their taste, without ever living the community spirit these parties live on. 

Some Portuguese Bands
Naming - "Refresh your hometown party"
Event identity 
The prize - a scooter
Contest promotion through MTV commercial, with a famous stand up comedy interviewing some locals.
Main Poster and concept board
Point of sale
Micro Website with vote and ranking system.
Facebook Campaign

Creative Direction: Patrícia Conde
Art Direction & Design: Hugo Serôdio
Copywriting: Sónia Falcão 

Made in YOUmix. All rights belong to YOUmix and Pepsi Portugal