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    Assemblage, Words and Layout design by Melvin Tan Photographic documentation by Daniel Chan & Hendry Poh  Reunion is a documentation of installa… Read More
    Assemblage, Words and Layout design by Melvin Tan Photographic documentation by Daniel Chan & Hendry Poh  Reunion is a documentation of installations constructed in-situ using the residual elements of abandoned living spaces to reaffirm the temporality in our worldly expectations. In Singapore, housing apartments are systematically being refreshed. Old buildings are torn down and new glossy ones spring up. This is an obvious development in a small competitive city working to enhance it’s larger global image. At the same time, it is not difficult to notice the consequential romance people have of places and things of what used to be - when things were a lot less crowded, flashy and honest. But how much of what we miss is caught before it is lost? How do we measure the poignance of these things before and after they are gone? How do we see this city we live in? This project seeks to reflect the conundrum people have with permanence and temporality in the local changing landscape. Using the urban environment as playground, Reunion investigates an irony by creating an irony. As installations, Reunion elevates the visual interest of trash to the unsuspecting passer by. At the same time, Reunion is not seen as installations. These installations are only seen through photographs of the manifestations because they were assembled in abandoned places that will soon go down with the buildings that contain them. (It might all already have been demolished when you read this.) Reunion encapsulates a perceptive suspension where the past is the present in the future, because we build these structures in the present there to expose the past there only to be seen in relation to the future there. It is looking there now that one prepares oneself for it not to be there, in order to realize our consciousness of the thereness' impending fate before, during and forever. It is through this convergence or reunion that we realise the nature of our temporality in our transient worldly expectations. Read Less
Issue N°02 - R E N E W A L.
A peek at the next issue out next month.. We put to task the contrast of the new condominiums against old apartments that has been vacated for a refresh as the Jurong Lake is being transformed into the next tourist attraction.
Issue N°03 - R E P L A C I N G 
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‘Replacing’ captures the final blur of abandoned buildings through the weave of High-density Polythylene (PE) Mesh to reveal a final haunting glimpse of places before they are demolished by excavators. Through this, we question the resonance of places in Singapore, the value of places in our memories and then eventually address change.