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iPhone X concept (Updated 2017)

iPhone X
Concept by imran taylor
No affiliation with Apple Inc.​​​​​​​
It has been 10 years since the original iPhone.
Here is the 10th Anniversary Edition.
*Concept updated as of January 2017

Bringing back the classic iPhone 4 design language, with glass on the front and back constructed with a NEW liquid metal frame.

- High quality Gorrilla Glass
- Liquid metal frame
- 6.9mm thin
- 5.8 inch OLED edge to edge display
- Wireless Charging
- Touch ID built into display
- Second touch sensitive display on lower bezel
- Smart connector
- 10nm A11 chip
- Dual 12mp wide angle + telephoto lens
- 3D camera technology

The lower bezel display notifies and provides quick access to apps/notifications when the screen is off.

Functions of the lower bezel display vary among different apps.

Touch ID embedded in display.
Smart connector allows for extensive accessories.
The new camera technology takes its function to the next dimension. 3D. 
- Ability to take augmented reality photos & parallax photos.
- Ability to measure distance & volume
- Apply measurements to augmented reality objects/photos & share with others.
- 3D facial recognition
Gold, Rose Gold and Silver.

Gunmetal black and Silver variant.

*Past concept 

Zirconia ceramic is a highly durable and lightweight material, it allows electronic waves to move between other devices without interference and is well heat resistant.

*Touch ID is integrated into the display, making the bottom bezel touch sensitive.

iPhone X concept (Updated 2017)


iPhone X concept (Updated 2017)

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