The Fixies in Wonderland
projection / video mapping design / theatrical scenery

    We are happy to present our new mapping-project "The Fixies in wonderland". 
We made multimedia theatrical scenery for kid's show. Mixed story about popular cartoon characters "Fixies" and several famous fairy tales, like Karlsson, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Cheburashka. 
     During the entire show, a performance was supplied with full CG scenes, wich where projected on the scenic constructions with total area 142 m2 by 10 projectors.
It was a very dificult task and very interesting experience to work with theater team. 
Hope you like it.
Inside TV
Something goes wrong
Present to you the main villain
Queen of the fears 

Karlsson on the Roof
Here she comes again
Little Red Riding Hood's forest
Cheburashka`s  classroom 
Few sketches from the process
The Fixies in Wonderland