December '16

Deathclub Limited 
Fashion, Photography, UI-UX.

This is not a typical Streetwear brand, Deathclub promotes a lifestyle based on Individualism and Confidence. Originally founded in 2011 and now focused on expanding his ventures by setting a higher standard on the apparel world.

The brand is simple, it’s bold and powerful.

Special Thanks to:

Models: Barbie Salazar, Ernesto Briones, Oliver Cantú, Lilith Fair, Maria Huerta.
Photography: Alain Noguez Visual Storyteller
Make-up: Mónica Patricia makeup & styling
Print Company: La Tipográfica
Silk Screen Printing: Estamperia Mty.
Neon Genesis Design: Yer The Kid.
Live to Destroy Design: Alfredo Caldera

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