Grazer Guggloch
Grazer Guggloch

Due to our main idea of visualizing data and information that usually are invisible, we created an interactive installation called “Grazer Guggloch“. The media scope makes it possible to see an extended reality. Using a special technique, digital information is projected onto the view of the real surrounding.
Later on you will find this media scope on top of the Grazer Schlossberg to attract the attention of as many pedestrians as possible.
Emanuel Haas, Magdalena Kahr, Andrea Müller
@ FH Joanneum Graz, Master in Media and Interactiondesign

visualized data.
Since we want to increase the user’s awareness about electric consumption
as well as communicate information, we decided to deal with this
issue. Therefore, we show the electric consumption of the buildings
of Graz and compare these data with the potential of generating solar

electric consumption.
The visualization shows the electric consumption of the buildings
devided into the different areas of Graz. We limited the displayed
data to the electricity obtained by ‘Energie Graz’. The consumption
is shown by the color of the particles and their activity.

potentially generated solar energy.
In contrast to the electric consumption, the second mode shows
the solar energy that could be generated potentially calculated by
the land surveying office Graz. It has to be mentioned that the solar
power systems in the areas ‘erster Bezirk’, ‘Innere Stadt’ as well as
‘Jakomini’ can not be put in place because of world heritage. Therefore
the electricity in these areas, gained through solar energy, has
to be considered as hypothetical.

Grazer Guggloch

Grazer Guggloch

Cross Media Project @ Fh Joanneum Graz Master in Media and Interaction Design


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