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    Capstone project as part of the final requirements for my Master of Arts in Global Marketing Communication & Advertising (GMCA) at Emerson Colleg… Read More
    Capstone project as part of the final requirements for my Master of Arts in Global Marketing Communication & Advertising (GMCA) at Emerson College. Read Less
Pacific Citizen
M.A. in Global Marketing Communication and Advertising (GMCA) Capstone Project
As the final capstone project for my Master of Arts in Global Marketing Communication and Advertising (GMCA) program at Emerson College, I worked within a collaborative, cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary team to develop an integrated marketing communications (IMC) plan to help reposition and increase the circulation of Pacific Citizen, a bi-monthly Asian-American newspaper based in Los Angeles, California.
Based on insight-driven research on the behavior, lifestyle and media habits of the publication’s target market, as well as our in-depth understanding of both the nature of Pacific Citizen’s business as a non-profit organization operating within strict financial boundaries and its inherent institutional capabilties, we developed a thoughtful IMC plan that combined innovative out-of-home and digital advertising with experiential marketing and sales.
Picture of our team's original ideation process
For our creative strategy, we chose mystery as our big idea in order to build awareness and anticipation for the launch of the new Pacific Citizen, which we also recommended to be republished as a monthly lifestyle magazine. We then brought this big idea of mystery to life sequentially across the various brand touch points identified as most suitable to drive egangement, including billboards, digital marketing, flash mobs and promotional flyers.
One month ahead of the launch of the new Pacific Citizen magazine, digital billboards at targeted locations across the country would display a blacked out screen featuring a countdown timer indicating when the entire billboard would be revealed.
Every 24 hours leading up to the magazine launch, the digital billboard would unveal a small piece of the image underneath.
Finally, at the end of the month, the entire billboard showcasing the new Pacific Citizen logo and website would announce the magazine's availability to passing pedestrians and drivers.
Similarly, this big idea of mystery was carried over to the Pacific Citizen website, which would appear as a blacked out screen 24 hours to the launch of the new Pacific Citizen magazine. Much like the digital billboard, the website would also feature a countdown timer on the landing page indicating when the entire website would be revealed. After 24 hours, the landing page would showcase a redesigned, mobile-optimized Pacific Citizen website with fresh content and also announce the availability of the new magazine to site visitors.
To complement the above-mentioned out-of-home and digital advertising efforts, flash mobs integrating our big idea of mystery would also take place across key cities in the country on the launch date of the new Pacific Citizen magazine. Participants in these targeted flash mobs would wear specially designed t-shirts featuring a black panel on the chest area, which they would then tear off at the end of their routine to reveal the new Pacific Citizen logo.
At the end of the flash mob, flyers featuring a black tear-off panel would also be handed out to bystanders. These flyers would reveal a discount offer and more information about the new Pacific Citizen magazine. The flyers would also double as postcards to encourage bystanders who may not necessarily fall into the publication’s target market to forward the flyer to friends, family or colleagues whom they think might be interested in the magazine's new content.
Concepts by: Usen Esiet and Jing Jiang
Designs by: Fadi Alqudimi