Design of a Mixer Grinder
Diploma Project- Bajaj Electricals Ltd.
The Brief was to design a Mixer Grinder based on the aesthetic preferences and perceptions of the South Indian consumer.

I have done so while also including certain functional details for improving the usage and performance of the mixer grinder. For example, while doing my user research i found that the lid could be improved to reduce the chance of spillage, and the wire winding made easier.
 Mood Board
From User Research

Associations with the Mixer Grinder:
Proud Mom
Modern, Faster, Easier

Sleek. Attractive. Compact
Round & Soft
Young, Model-like looks
Modern outlook
Active, energetic
Approachable and Caring
Efficient, dependable

 Concept Sketches
 Simple | Clean | Stylish
 Stripped down | Basic
 Proud | Compact | Carryable
 Unconventional | Approachable
 Sleek | Compact | Simple
 Traditional | Approachable | Carryable
 Final Concept
Selected on the basis of the benchmark product's attributes:

Model-like looks
Modern outlook
Caring and Accommodating