Sun, party, tradition, history and culture (2015)

Vinoletto is a designation of origin (DO) La Mancha wine, a brand owned by Alvisa cellars. The mentioned wine is addressed
to the foreign market and, more specifically, to a universal target who does not know much about the wine world.

Considering that it is a wine with a good quality-to-price ratio but it belongs to a DO that is relatively unknown on the foreign market, we work with different sceneries that are topical but effective at the same time.

We developed the new image under these terms. The label represents a sun divided in two halves: the part below printed
and the upper one being engraved directly on the bottle. 
The lower part of the sun is used to code the variety and kind of wine. On the other part and in order to emphasize the origin of the wine, we depict an illustration of a typical Spanish scenery (bullfight, San Fermín celebrations, Flamenco dance, Don Quijote and Sancho Panza), besides from the mandatory legal information
and a romantic text.

These sceneries used depend on the variety of wine. 4 varieties in total: Airen dry white 2015, Airen semi-sweet white 2015, Garnacha dry red wine 2015, Garnacha semi-sweet red wine 2015.