Senior Thesis Project
This is my thesis work for my senior thesis; displayed in the Las Cruces Art Museum in 2011 as part of the Bachelor of Fine Arts Thesis Show.

To explain the project and my methods with developing it, I will draw directly from my thesis statement, shown in italics, which explains the project and my approach to developing it to completion.

As I look toward a future career in design, I quickly decided that my thesis work would best serve as an experiment to mesh my passion for illustration with real-world application.

“Javatude” is a fictional coffee brand I created, keeping in mind that the brand would cater to a relatively undifferentiated market segment, as the product offering is meant to appeal to a wide variety of consumers and is not specifically positioned to attract any specific demographic.
Final Logo
Sketch concepts for logo / brand name
Instead of using typical coffee flavors or brews, I fashioned each different blend of coffee after a different stereotype. The idea behind the characters is such that, instead of associating their own personality with the representations of the blends, the consumer is able to draw interpretations about what kind of blend the coffee is according to the character representing it. By creating a variety of 12 different flavors, I was able to cover a wide range of personalities and stereotypes, which in turn created opportunities to experiment with illustrating a diverse assortment of people with varying ethnicities, genders, and careers. Creating this many flavors also supported the idea of a realistic market as a well-rounded and expanded coffee retailer.
Sketch concepts
Color Illustrations representing coffee brew flavors
By applying the illustrationsto a variety of cohesive objects such as coffee cups and bags, it shows thepotential for the packaging design of the product if it existed inreality. To further strengthen thebrand’s believability, advertisements were also photographed and designed toproduce advertisement material that linked the illustrations to real life. Finally, a tabbed booklet was createdto offer customers a catalogue of all the flavors, with larger, high-qualityreproductions of the illustrations and their descriptions indexed for theaudience to easily read and view each character (brew).
Coffee Cup Label Designs
Coffee Cups (All 12 Flavors) - Photographed with Printed Labels
Coffee Cup Label Close-Up
Coffee Bag Prototypes
Poster Advertisements
Flavor Catalogue
Flavor Catalogue - Open
In conclusion, this brandwas created with the intention of developing an innovative concept and approachto a product like coffee, as well as give the opportunity to practiceillustration and application of illustration in design for packaging,advertising, and print that may also be valuable in real-world applications.
2011 BFA Thesis Exhibition
Javatude on display
Diagram explaining set-up requirements for gallery installation
Display at Las Cruces Museum of Art Gallery, 2011
Display at Las Cruces Museum of Art Gallery, 2011