Conductor of Light - Reflective Tweed Buttons
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Reflective Tweed Buttons.
Easiest way to be visually enhanced in the dark & still look good!

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The Reflective Tweed button is 93% British wool from London, UK with 7% 3M reflective yarn.
They are handmade in Bergen, Norway. It's a simple yet elegant accessories with a smart function.

Conductor of Light are Håvard Legreid & Jørgen Håland, two friends with a love for design and an interest in original solutions.

The name “Conductor of Light” originate from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's tale of Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles. In a reply to Watson, Holmes declare: “It may be that you are not yourself luminous, but that you are a conductor of light. Some people without possessing genius have a remarkable power of stimulating it.”

Sherlock is the archetype of a tweed-dressed gentleman so we think it fits our product very nicely. Whether you are a genius or not, our sturdy and elegant buttons will make you too a conductor of light.

We needed a classy but yet flexible logo. Bodoni is a highly used font in glossy magazine and fashionista world and we wanted to go for something recognizable and safe without being unoriginal. That's why we went for Hoefler & Co Didot. It has many of the same features as Bodoni, light hairlines & thick stems, but has a older class to it.

Because of the thin hairlines we created three logos with different weight; one for posters and larger prints, one for mid range sized prints, and really small sizes like web and small print.

In the example on top you can see the weight difference. Below you can see that they look similar in compared to the size.

For typography we went with two different fonts. Didot & Whitney both from Hoefler & Co.

Didot in Italic has lovely oldstyle figures, nice ligatures, and the stroke contrast that screams of fashion without being a cliché. We wanted a font that are recognizable and safe, without being heavily over used as Bodoni in the fashion world.

As a contrast we went with the sans serif Whitney. It's a simple yet elegant font with humanistic features and modern. The features are open and airy, and most characters are easy to distinguish. The only drawback is the small l and large I, that are a bit to similar for our taste. 
We needed easy logistic to ship our product. The buttons has a forgivable form factor and could easily be shipped in a small envelope. To protect the envelope from breaking we made a foldable mini card.

Photo's by: JHåland

In the shipment we include a thank you note, shipped of course in a black envelope.

We made a simple info card to contact us of further detail for interested retails.

Product Lineup
The relfective tweed buttons come in six different colours, that make's it easier to find something just for you.
Web store
Our web store through are made with Squarespace. They say it's easy, but oh man, it takes some time to set it up.

Take a look at our store:

Photography are our main supporting medium. Texture and fabric are emphasized through a simple stylized look, showing the product in a fitting context.

The message we want to convey is that with our Reflective Tweed Buttons you still look dashing in your favorite suit.
Our choice of lens came through experimenting and we went for a 100 mm macro and 50 mm portrait lens.

For the night scene we used the Canon 7D camera flash and a small quenoX LED video light. Both are simple flash and light sources, and the reflective 3M threads had no problem picking up the light.

Model: Jens Håland

To show the button just as a fashion accessories we took a trip out in the daylight.

Behind the Scene
Our buttons are made of reflective tweed imported from London, England and handmade in Bergen, Norway. They are produced in a limited editions, and will never go to mass production. 

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Conductor of Light - Reflective Tweed Buttons

Conductor of Light - Reflective Tweed Buttons

Creating a brand for Reflective Tweed Buttons.


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